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Advent Calendar Release!
Hi everyone!! :) It warms my heart that there are still members who have been active during this slow season for me, I'm really trying my best to stay on top of these updates! To celebrate Christmas I've added a little advent calendar activity, it will be available all month long and each day from Dec 1 to Dec 25 there will be a new activity available!

New Members: Jams, Aqua, Fina, suza, Nea, Naomi, Lexxi, welcome to Eats!
Level Ups: Aija (4), Aqua (2), Breanne (2), Carol (3, 4, 5), Cas (7), Catherine (5, 6), Christine (4, 5), Fina (2, 3), haleyrenee (2, 3), Hotaru (6, 7, 8, 9, 10), Lyn (6), Maggie (5, 6), Manda (3), Marina (4), Mio (5, 6), Pam (4, 5, 6), Raie (4), Rainey (2), Rheanna (5), Samichan (6, 7). Great job!
Master: Aija (chocolatecake), Ajitsea (apples, tea, waffles, bacon), Aqua (chickennuggets), Carol (lemonade, friedchicken, friedeggs), Catherine (hotdogs, bacon), Christine (guacamole, frenchfries, scallops, buffalowings), Echo (scrambledeggs), Hotaru (wine, chocchipcookies, tea, californiarolls, sushi, fettucinealfredo, coffee, applecider, gyoza, banhmi, strawberryshortcake), Maggie (bacon, clamchowder, scrambledeggs, buffalowings, frenchfries, bentobox, toast), Marina (chocchipcookies, doughnuts, lemonade), Mio (burgers, oreo, bentobox, tea, icedtea), Pam, (bakedpotatoes, broccoli), Rheanna (avocados, guacamole), Samichan (chocchipcookies, californiaroll, friedeggs, chocolatecake, pizza). Congrats!
Referrals: Thank you for referring your friends, remember to pick up your rewards here.

Weekly Games: Updated! Feel free to play them all again.
Forum Games: These need to be overhauled, keep an eye out for updates.
Wishing Well: Because there are so many wishes below, please take no more than 3 regular cards from the same deck.
Samichan wishes cards spelling out RETURN!
Lyn wishes for cards spelling out SEAFOOD.
Hotaru wishes for cards spelling out ELECTION for the wild and crazy US election that took place last month.
Jams wishes for everyone to take 1 regular fruit card.
Multiple members wish for certain deck releases, you'll find them below!

New Decks

Grab 12 cards total, no more than 2 per deck.

Happy December!!!! Please go visit the advent calendar and enjoy daily goodies! You ARE welcome to go back and grab freebies if you miss a day, and the calendar will be available until the end of the month.

Please check back on the forum this weekend for a trade in thread for those little trick's and treat's from the Halloween event!

I'd also like to do a December deck release specific to holiday foods (Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, New Years, etc) so if you have any favorite dishes please comment and I'll try to make and release as many as possible! If you comment, you can take one extra card from this week's deck releases.
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Posted on 02 Dec 2016 by Allison

by Lexxi @ 03 Dec 2016 12:57 am
Update freebies 12/2 - \r\nR-shrimp02 E-burgers01 T-croissants01 U-sushi03 R-shrimp01 N-bacon01\r\nS-sushi01 E-friedrice03 A-californiaroll03 F-friedrice01 O-californiaroll02 O-scallops01 D-friedrice02\r\nE-burgers02 L-scallops03 E-burgers03 C-californiaroll04 T-croissants02 I-sushi02 O-scallops02 N-croissants03\r\n1 Fruit - apples01\r\n\r\nNew Decks - marshmallows01, marshmallows02, corn03, corn04, candycanes05, candycanes06, ribs07, ribs08, eggsbenedict09, eggsbenedict10, udon11, udon12
by Fina @ 03 Dec 2016 11:19 am
- Wish (1 fruit): apples05\r\n- Wish (ELECTION): orEo17, caLiforniaroll10, chocchipcookiEs06, hotChocolate02, hoTchocolate03, sushI06, hOtdogs08, doughNuts09\r\n- Wish (SEAFOOD): Sushi05, orEo15, hotchocolAte04, caliForniaroll08, chOcchipcookies05, dOughnuts08, hotDogs07\r\n- Wish (RETURN): califoRniaroll06, chocchipcookiEs04, hoTdogs06, sUshi04, oReo03, doughNuts07\r\n- New decks: udon01, udon02, corn03, corn04, ribs05, ribs06, marshmallows07, marshmallows08, eggsbenedict09, eggsbenedict10, candycanes11, candycanes12
by Samichan @ 03 Dec 2016 04:42 pm
Glad to see you have time to post atleast!
by Pam @ 05 Dec 2016 03:11 am
wish(Samichan) took R-friedchicken03, E-applepie02, T-tomatosoup20m U-brusselssprouts01, R-casseroles20, N-wine06\r\n\r\nwish(Lyn) took S-spaghetti13, E-friedrice20, A-apples01, F-fishandchips19, O-watermelon16, O-chocchipcookies17, D-lemonade02\r\n\r\nwish(Hotaru) tool E-tea19, L-whitechocolate02, E-cupcakes04, C-champagne19, T-turkey03, I-pizza18, O-halloweencupcakes20,N-chickennuggets01 \r\n\r\nwish(Jams) took raspberries13\r\n\r\nnew sets took candycanes05, candycanes15, eggsbenedict01, eggsbenedict20, udon01, yakisoba20, ribs01, curry20, marshmallows05, marshmallows15, corn05, corn15
by Cas @ 05 Dec 2016 11:15 am
Return: burgers01, hotchocolate03, hotchocolate01, burgers02, burgers03, chickennuggets07\r\nSeafood: chocchipcookies03, hotchocolate05, macarons02, frenchfries03, chocchipcookies01, chocchipcookies02, bakedpotatoes01\r\nElection: bakedpotatoes02, clamchowder07, chickennuggets03, chickennuggets15, bakedpotatoes03, friedrice07, macarons05, macarons04\r\nWishing Well - Jams: bananas01\r\nNew Decks: udon05, udon06, yakisoba06, yakisoba10, ribs05, ribs13, eggsbenedict18, eg1gsbenedict11, candycanes20, candycanes13, marshmallows08, marshmallows11\r\n\r\nfor the December decks, how about tamales, pozole, and Christmas cookies? taking yakisoba18 ty!
by Maggie @ 05 Dec 2016 07:30 pm
New Decks: eggsbenedict05, eggsbenedict16, udon04, udon13, ribs12, ribs18, curry07, curry15, marshmallows03, candycanes06\r\nWishing Well (return): (r) roastduck06, (e) tea01, (t) roastduck09, (u) sushi02, (r) shrimpcocktail02, (n) filetmignon07\r\nWishing Well (seafood): (s) waffles15, (e) tea02, (a) tea03, (f) friedrice08, (o) roastduck14, (o) hotdogs01, (d) hotdogs04\r\nWishing Well (election): (e) chocolatecake02, (l) chocolatecake05, (e) chocolatecake08, (c) croissants07, (t) croissants12, (i) sushi07, (o) hotdogs07, (n) croissants02\r\nWishing Well (1 fruit): watermelon02
by Marina @ 06 Dec 2016 11:57 am
Thanks! :) \r\n\r\nNew Decks : candycanes07, candycanes11, corn02, corn04, curry07, eggsbenedict03, eggsbenedict07, marshmallows03, marshmallows06, ribs03, udon02, yakisoba03\r\n\r\nWishing Well (Samichan) : raspberries10, deviledeggs12, toast05, cupcakes02, friedeggs04, watermelon01\r\n\r\nWishing Well (Lyn) : cupcakes04, icedtea06, raspberries13, friedeggs03, bacon11, hotchocolate01, icedtea04\r\n\r\nWishing Well (Hotaru) : icedtea09, calamari04, deviledeggs14, cupcakes03, hotchocolate03, raspberries11, toast09, bacon09\r\n\r\nWishing Well (Jams) : bananas01
by Mio @ 07 Dec 2016 05:38 am
Update - Question: yakisoba03\r\nNew Decks: udon01, udon02, yakisoba01, yakisoba02, marshmallows01, marshmallows02, curry01, curry02, corn01, corn02, eggsbenedict01, eggsbenedict02\r\nWishing Well - Samichan - RETURN: R watermelon07, E watermelon16, T chickennuggets05, U chickennuggets06, R californiaroll05, N chickennuggets07\r\nWishing Well - Lyn - SEAFOOD: S cheese05, E cheese11, A californiaroll06, F coffee06, O coffee01, O coffee05, D friedrice02\r\nWishing Well - Hotaru - ELECTION: E cheese13, L californiaroll08, E friedrice03, C friedrice04, T smoothie01, I smoothie02, O gyoza19, N pumpkinpie07\r\nWishing Well - one regular fruit card: watermelon18
by Mio @ 07 Dec 2016 05:38 am
As for christmas food, I really like Gluhwein. We always drink it around Christmas (I\'m from Germany~) and my family likes to eat Christstollen, even though I don\'t... the rest already has a deck on here.
by Manda @ 07 Dec 2016 12:50 pm
New decks taken candycanes07, candycanes14, eggsbenedict08, eggsbenedict09, udon08, udon14, yakisoba08, yakisoba11, marshmallows08, ribs08, curry08 & corn09. Words spelling RETURN have taken applecider01, wine08, toast13, udon01, friedrice08 & lemonade09. Cards spelling SEAFOOD have taken cheese09, wine11, toast15, coffee19, lemonade13, smokedsalmon10 & applecider02. Wish cards spelling ELECTION have taken applecider03, lemonade16, champagne04, coffee20, toast16, wine13, smokedsalmon11 & macrons20. Wish one regular fruit card have taken raspberries08.
by Catherine @ 08 Dec 2016 11:31 am
- Wish: frenchtoast04, ramen03, margarita02, burgers16, crablegs01, ramen04, crablegs04, crablegs08, margarita03, frenchfries15, frenchtoast02, frenchtoast03, grilledcheese01, grilledcheese02, calamari16, grilledcheese04, frenchfries14, fettuccinealfredo05, fettuccinealfredo06, fettuccinealfredo04, frenchfries10\r\n- New Decks: ribs04, ribs06, corn07, corn09, marshmallows13, marshmallows14, candycanes11, candycanes12, eggsbenedict08, udon02, yakisoba11, curry10
by Carol @ 09 Dec 2016 03:56 am
Wishing Well (Samichan): R: oreo09 E: fettuccinealfredo07 T: hotdogs02 U: fettuccinealfredo11 R: crablegs20 N: frenchfries03\r\nWishing Well (Lyn): S: waffles05 E: oreo19 A: crablegs19 F: fettuccinealfredo17 O: hotdogs03 O: hotdogs20 D: candycanes01\r\nWishing Well (Hotaru): E: waffles08 L: crablegs17 E: waffles13 C: frenchfries18 T: tea01 I: frenchfries10 O: oreo16 N: candycanes20\r\nWishing Well (Jams): watermelon20\r\n\r\nNew Decks: candycanes06, candycanes16, marshmallows06, marshmallows09, ribs04, ribs14\r\n\r\nAS FOR XMAS I really like cranberry sauce~!
by Rainey @ 26 Dec 2016 12:52 pm
Wishing well (Dec2 Samichan): (r)frenchtoast10, (e)eggs01, (t)frenchtoast09, (u)cupcakes07, (r)garlicbread01, (n)bacon03\r\n\r\nWishing well (Dec2 Lyn): (s)cupcakes08, (e)garlicbread02, (a)garlicbread04, (f)frenchtoast11, (o)doughnuts03, (o)avocados20, (d)doughnuts02\r\n\r\nWishing well (Dec2 Hotaru): (e)cupcakes11, (l)marshmallows01, (e)eggs02, (c)baon04, (t)doughnuts04, (i)smoothie03, (o)bacon05, (n)bananas02\r\n\r\nWishing well (Dec2 Jams): bananas03\r\n\r\nDec 2 update/new decks: marshmallows03, marshmallows19, corn11, corn15, candycanes03, candycanes15, eggsbenedict04, eggsbenedict16, udon08, udon14, yakisoba06, yakisoba20
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