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Feel free to take a peek at the cards and if you see something you like, join us, we're constantly cooking up something good!


I'm avocontrol...
New Members: Echo, Erica, Lausie, Mariko, Story. Welcome everyone!
Referrals: Thank you for referring your friends, remember to pick up your rewards here.

Weekly Games: Updated! Feel free to play them all again.
Forum Games: Updated, play again (unless the round says Sept 10 as an end date). There are a bunch of new games to play!
Wishing Well: For all wishes combined, please take no more than 2 per deck.
To celebrate Labor Day, 2 wishes themed for the day: Hotaru wished for cards spelling out LABOR and Echo wished for 09 and 05 cards.

New Decks

Grab 8 cards total, no more than 2 per deck.

Level Up form is finally fixed! Go on and submit a level up form if you're ready to move up to Level 2.

I am going to keep Prejoin going for at least 1 more week, keep your eyes out for a set of monthly games as well!

Question: Are there any suggestions for special decks other than member made decks? If you reply with suggestions, grab a regular coupon!
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Posted on 04 Sep 2016 by Allison

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