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Slow updates...
Hi all!

As you may have already guessed I've fallen behind on updates. ;-; Work has just kept me absolutely slammed lately and we have lots of stuff to prepare before our big conference in early November, so it'll likely continue this way for a bit. I'll still keep an eye on forms, questions, etc, but the games are updated every week so you can play them starting Saturday, regardless of if I post or not! Deck releases will be a bit sporadic until I can get work back under control.

Please take freebies for UPDATE DELAY, up to 2 per deck and comment! (regular cards only! - anyone who already took freebies, no worries!)

A few questions as well, if you answer, please take a special coupon and a regular coupon!
1. Do you think there are enough ways to earn cards?
2. Are there enough ways to get choice cards?
3. Is it too difficult to master decks?
4. Are there enough active members to trade with, should I do some member list clean up?
5. Any thoughts on special events?

Thanks for sticking around and I'll be back soon!
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Posted on 16 Oct 2016 by Allison

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