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Let's taco about it!
New Members: Aija, Carol, Josie, Jules, Marina, Rainey. Welcome everyone!
Level Ups: Ajisaitea (2), Maggie (3), Lyn (3), Mio (2), Samichan(3), Minty (2), Pam (2), Hotaru (3), Rheanna (2), Raie (2), Catherine (2), Marina (2), Echo (2), Nina (3), Sasha (2), Ash (2), Manda (2), Christine (3). Great job!
Master: Maggie (friedeggs), Samichan (sushi). Congrats!
Referrals: Thank you for referring your friends, remember to pick up your rewards here.

Weekly Games: Updated! Feel free to play them all again.
Forum Games: Updated, play again unless otherwise stated.
Wishing Well: For all wishes combined, please take no more than 2 per deck.
Raie wishes for everyone to get 1 special coupon!
Christine wishes for the taco deck to be released.
Marina wishes for 5 cards from decks with different font colors.

New Decks

Grab 8 cards total, no more than 2 per deck.

I'm a bit behind on member cards, will catch up this week. I appreciate all comments on the special decks, I've made a few and will release them with the grand opening. The monthly games I mentioned last week are also still in the works, work just got super busy recently and will stay that way for a while -- please take cards spelling out WORK (1 per deck). With the slight delay, the grand opening will likely be in the next update, and I'll release the monthly games as a shortened "grand opening" event.

Let me know if there are any suggestions for the tcg. =)
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Posted on 11 Sep 2016 by Allison

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