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Name: Lindi
Status: Active
Level: Level 3
URL: http://
Collecting: crabcakes
Birthday: Jun
Mastered: None

More About Me?

24, from the Pacific Northwest. Come trade with me!

I'm Looking For...

agedashitofu, applecider, applepie, avocados, baklava, banhmi, bentobox, bruschetta, calamari, californiaroll, casseroles, cheese, clamchowder, coffee, crabcakes, crablegs, croissants, dimsum, eggsbenedict, fishandchips, frenchtoast, friedeggs, friedrice, eggnog, garlicbread, guacamole, gyoza, latkes, macarons, margarita, oysters, padthai, paella, ramen, raspberries, shrimp, smokedsalmon, smoothie, sp-autumn, sp-summer, strawberryshortcake, summerrolls, sushi, tacos, tea, waffles, watermelon, wine


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